A whale of a good time!

Whale watching is the “thing to do” when you visit Maui in the winter. Over 10,000 humpback whales migrate from Alaska between December and April to mate and give birth here. Why Hawaii? Like us, they come because it’s warm. Frank loves whales. We went to see them twice — once on our own and again with Nick and Marcy. Both times, we were fortunate and beyond delighted to witness a myriad of mothers and calves, whale spouts, partial and complete breaches — truly a gigantic, non-stop spectacle of whale wonderment!

Some fun humpback facts…

  • Humpbacks can grow up to 60 feet long and weigh around 40 tons. The females are larger than the males.
  • The adult whales live on plankton and krill but there aren’t any in Hawaii so they don’t eat here. They do all their eating up in Alaska before they migrate!
  • Scientists have never witnessed whales mating.
  • Gestation period is about a year so most whales are conceived and then born in Hawaii. Babies stay with their moms for a year.
  • The calves drink mother’s milk — about 100 gallons per day. They need all that weight and fat for when they travel back to the cold Alaskan waters.