So this happened today . . .

A weekly reminder at the beginning of Maui Mass is that you should remain in your pew until after the priest leaves the altar. Some Sundays, you get a priest with a long-winded homily. By the time he gives the final blessing, we’re ready to bolt. But we can’t.

The priest returns to the front of the congregation, “Are there any visitors in church today? Please come forward.” He asks each person where they’re from and leads a blessing over them. Each visitor gets a lei and returns to their seat.

Next, “Is anyone celebrating a birthday this week? Please come forward.” The priest gives them a blessing and everyone sings “Happy Birthday.” They each get a lei and return to their seats.

Finally, “Are any couples celebrating their wedding anniversary? Please come forward.” He asks each couple how long they’ve been married, there’s a blessing, they all get a lei and they return to their seats.

Much to the delight of today’s gathering, there was a guy who came up for all three blessings! Before dismissing the last group of couples, the priest winked at a woman in the pair next to the man, “Stay close to your husband and away from this guy. He’s already been ‘lei’d’ three times this morning!”

Yep. He went there! Hilarious!

These weekly ten minutes of celebration bugged us at first. Now we find it charming. We haven’t raised our hands when they ask for visitors but Frank and I did join a large group of married couples on Valentine’s Day for a blessing and renewal of vows. It was nice. We left feeling part of the community. We left feeling good.

3 thoughts on “So this happened today . . .

  1. What is the name of the church you went to? I have three beaded leis from the Hawaiian mass. Beautiful service. I have a picture of a man who used to carry a cross down the highway and flick a blessing at all the motorists. So cool. He was at one of the masses and I so wanted to talk to him but in trying to get up to him he slipped out the door.

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  2. We’ve been church hopping and have gone to St Rita’s in Haiku, Holy Rosary in Paia, St Joseph’s in Makawao and Christ the King in Kahului. They all have their charm but we really like the music and energy of Christ the King at their 10am Mass. (It’s also very convenient as we swim at the pool a block away afterwards.)


  3. Thank you for a great story! Travel is not wasted on either of you. You have a wonderful spirit and enjoy it all together. Warming news in spite of the weather!


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