Wacky Weather


What a wild week it’s been! While our friends and family back in Wisconsin have been pummeled with historic wind chills and wave after wave of heavy snowfalls, Hawaii is experiencing some wacky winter weather of its own.

A strong Pacific storm ushered in waves of 40 feet+, hammering our North Shore and closing beaches. It was a spectacular show! Without a person or object providing scale, however, photographs hardly depict the enormity or intensity of these ferocious jaw-like monsters. Our friend had some minor damage to his beach area and yard but his next door neighbor wasn’t so lucky. Mother Nature seized back several grassy feet of frontage and tumbled his massive rock retaining wall.

It felt like we were back home as we watched the National Weather Service warn of intense snow showers, slippery roads and blowing and drifting snow for Mount Haleakala. Although the summit at 10,000-foot elevation has often been snow covered, no one recalls seeing the white stuff at 6,200 feet.

The strong winds have caused their share of havoc. Trees and plants have been uprooted, there is a lot of debris and some power lines have toppled. Last Sunday, half the island was without power for several hours.

So other than a little inconvenience here and there, Hawaii’s weird weather has been intriguing but it hasn’t affected our lifestyle like it would back home. Our place is closer to sea level where temperatures hover in the 70s. The rain — often heavy — alternates with brief periods of intense sunshine. We continue to swim outside every day. When you’re wet you’re wet, right? It also helps that the manager at our local pool keeps the water at a balmy 82 degrees! Frank shakes his head while I grin like a fool, floating on my back as the rain drops dance around us.

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